The Hippies Have Arrived

It’s tough balancing these huge dreams and aspirations along with a desire to be more accepting and grateful for the life I was given. For whatever reason, they contradict each other in my mind. My perfectionism begs that I choose my dreams and aspirations, that I beat myself up over them until I accomplish them.

What kind of life do I want? That’s tough to say… I want it all. I wanna be free in nature. I want my art to be known. I want the bestest of friends. I want my dream husband. I want kids, regardless of how they turn out. I want good health insurance and I want to be devoid of any medical diagnoses. I want sunny days and good music. I want food that makes me rejoice.

I want the world to heal. I want less instagram stories and more real stories. I want community to be at the forefront and generosity to be our motto.

But above all, I want to accept and love myself, everyday, all day, regardless of how I show up or how I look or what people have to say. I want to be real and vulnerable. I want people to know that my life has not been easy or glamorous or anything close to perfect, but it has, in all aspects of the word: been beautiful. Quite the story. I hope to tell it some day.

Life is not easy. I know. I am well aware. But she is also beautiful, inspiring, and perplexing.

She keeps it interesting to say the least.

I suppose that’s why I love the hippies. Why I carry a yin yang on my chest and wear tye dye once a week. What a propensity to view the world through the lens of joy and love and fun and…drugs (oh well).

I love hippies. I really do. I love that they are always playing music. I love that they wear bright colors and say crazy shit. I love that they couldn't care less about people’s looks or money or career. And what I like the most is that they show up, willing to celebrate the present moment because she is a gift, she is. 

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